The Wolverines (2012)

The Wolverines are a group of American resistance members who seek to overthrow the North Korean occupation of the American Northwest. They originally started off with only 9 teenagers, but were joined by several other people after they inspired them by killing Colonel Cho, the Prefect, and they presumably overthrew the enemy occupation.

History (2012)[edit | edit source]

The Wolverines originally consisted of Jed Eckhert, Matt Eckhert, Robert Morris, Toni Walsh, Daryl Jenkins, Danny Jackson, and Pete, high school students from Spokane, Washington. The Wolverines used hunting rifles at first, but later acquired North Korean automatic rifles. Pete deserted them after a leadership dispute, taking all of the food for himself. However, they were joined by Gregg Goodyear and his sister Julie Goodyear and they made a raid that killed Pete, who turned collaborator. The Wolverines also attempted to kill Cho, but failed after Matt blew up the car bomb at the wrong time just to rush to save his girlfriend Erica Martin from a school bus, and Gregg was killed supporting him. Cho and the Spetsnaz Colonel, a Russian military advisor, escaped from the press conference where Daryl's father Mayor Jenkins (who was now a North Korean mayor)? attended. The people saw the Wolverines as heroes, and the Free American Army grouped up with them. Julie and Danny were killed in a bombardment of their cave hideout before the marines joined them. Then, they helped Sgt. Andrew Tanner steal an EMP-resistant radio, with Jed shooting Cho in the head. However, a tracking device inserted into Daryl's arm led the KPA to the Wolverines and Jed was killed. After this, Daryl stayed in the woods, telling the others to escape while sitting there with Robert's SAW, facing certain death. The Wolverines, however, gave the radio to the marines and they stopped Korean communications, and they used it to contact other resistance groups, and the Wolverines rallied several American civilians together to resist the North Koreans. They freed the prisoners, who sprayed Wolverine graffiti on trailers and charged the city, presumably taking it back.

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